Thatched roofs

A thatched roof is always at risk from fire. Once a fire has taken hold in thatch it will spread rapidly.

The commonest causes of fire in thatch are:

Television aerials should be fitted on a freestanding pole. Where this is not possible it may be fixed to a gable or gable end chimney where the cable can be run down the wall, avoiding contact with the thatch. Disconnect the TV aerial during electrical storms to prevent damage to the system. Lightning conductors should conform to British Standard BS6651 1999

Safety tips to prevent thatched roof fires:-

Keep the thatch well maintained and have regular checks carried out by a competent Thatcher. Check the Thatching Advisory Service website for information

Smoke Alarms

Protect the household by fitting and maintaining smoke alarms. A smoke detector should also be fitted at the highest point of the roof void, if possible and linked to another alarm sited in the hallway or landing. For maximum protection fit a smoke alarm in every room (except kitchen, bathroom and garage)

In the event of fire