Purpose built blocks of flats

photo of a fire in a high rise buildingThe building in which you live has been designed with safety in mind. Outside the building, roads and other areas are designed so that emergency vehicles can get as near as possible. The walls, doors and floors are specially designed to resist fire and stop the spread of smoke. To do this, these doors need to be kept closed when they are not in use.

Never prop or wedge doors open.

It is also a good idea to close your internal doors too when you retire for the night and turn off all electrical items not designed to stay on for long periods. Keep your escapes routes, inside and outside of your flat, clear of obstacles at all times.

Vital time needed to escape may be lost if you do not keep keys close to the door.

If a fire does break out in your flat:

If a fire breaks out elsewhere in the building:

Plan ahead now by making a fire action plan taking into account everyone living in your flat. Look after your smoke alarms - test them regularly and replace batteries promptly. Make sure they are positioned and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Prevent fires: