If you are cut off by fire

Try to remain calm...

If you are unable to use the door because of flames or smoke, close the door and use towels or sheets to block any gaps. This will help stop smoke spreading into the room.

Make your way to the window. If the room fills with smoke, crawl along the floor where it's easier to breathe because the smoke will rise to the ceiling.

With the door shut, open the window and try to attract the attention of others. If you have a phone or a mobile, dial 999, or ask someone else to call for you.

If the window does not open easily, you will have to break the glass. Hit the window in the lower corners with a heavy object, such as a stool or ornament. Knock off the sharp edges and place blankets or thick clothing over the bottom of the window to protect you from any remaining glass.

If you are in immediate danger and your room is on the ground or first floor, you may be able to escape through the window. If there is a tree or bushes nearby, climb on to them. Otherwise, drop soft items such as cushions, bedding or clothing to the ground below (especially if it is hard) to break your fall. Sit on the sill facing into the room, turn round and clamber out feet first on your tummy. Lower yourself to the full length of your arms before dropping.

Otherwise, wait by the window with your head in the fresh air, until the firefighters can rescue you. Follow their instructions, as they know exactly what to do.

For more information visit www.directgov.uk/firekills