Planning your escape route

If a fire occurs in your home you may have to get out in dark and difficult conditions. Plan an easy escape route now, all you need to do is get down the stairs or across the hall and out the door quickly and safely. Always make sure hallways, stairs etc are free from clutter and that there are no loose floor coverings that could trip you

image of escape booklet

Do not stop to retrieve any valuables. It can all be replaced!

Plan an alternative route in case this one is blocked by fire. Think of a safe room to go, in case you can't get out of the home. Ideally this would look out on to the street, block any gaps in the door with clothing etc and open the window for fresh air. If you do not have a phone, shout FIRE! until you are rescued!

Make sure everyone in your house knows the plans (including guests, like grandparents at Christmas). Practise it and turn it in to a game for children.

Have a designated place for door keys on your escape route. The keys should always be kept here so that everyone can get them in a fire.

If you have limited mobility you may wish to consider having your bedroom on the ground floor, if this is practical, and as near as possible to an exit.

If you would need assistance to make your escape, it is vital that you have some means of summoning help by your bed, i.e.: a buzzer, intercom or telephone. There are also systems available which will automatically dial out on your telephone line to summon help or send a signal to a manned control room

Specialised information for carers of the disabled may be obtained from our Community Safety Team on 01452 888777

Details of the many emergency call/alarm systems available can be obtained from the Disabled Living Foundation who produce a booklet on the subject.