Firescape XL

Photo of FirescapeXL students at drill

What is Firescape XL?

We have entered into a partnership with The Princes Trust, Gloucestershire County Council's Children and Young Persons Directorate and a Secondary School to PILOT a Firescape xl programme from September 2009 to April 2011 with a group of targeted students, who will be following an alternative curriculum during Key Stage 4 studies.

The course delivery will be based on both Fire Station and School premises. School will nominate an xl advisor who will work with Fire Service personnel over the two years co-ordinating the ASDAN elements of the award.

Photo of FirescapeXL students involved in outdoor activities

The Fire & Rescue Service will have an input into the xl programme of approximately 120 hours over the five terms that the award will run. Some sessions will be full days; others will be either two or three hours in duration.

We see this as a development of the Firescape course outline above and will provide provision leading onto the Public Service Course offered within the Further Education sector or through our Partnerships into Princes Trust Team, post 16 years of age