Photo of Firescape students involved in outdoor activities

What is Firescape?

A programme designed to offer Key Stage 3 and 4 students an opportunity to take part in a learning experience outside the school environment. To be seen as part of the alternative curriculum.

Students are encouraged to develop a sense of pride and diligence in their approach to work and to acquire greater self-esteem

The course also aims to provide vital life skills e.g. communications, teamwork and self-confidence.

During courses students take part in activities aimed at improving self-esteem, self-discipline and responsibility. This is achieved by employing fundamental Fire Service principals of:

What is Firescape for?

Photo of Firescape students wearing breathing apparatus

The course is suitable for any student, but in reality will probably benefit most those young people exhibiting one or more of the following characteristics:

The aims of Firescape are:

Photo of Firescape students involved in outdoor activities

Although traditionally a reactive service, in recent years fire services have become much more involved in community-based, proactive prevention measures. This focus on community safety involves programmes aimed at reducing incidents of fire and fire-related injuries, delivered through a combination of publicity and educational outreach programmes.

The following Mission Statement and set of Values has been produced by a group of young people who have participated on a Firescape course.

Mission Statement - 'Inspiring young people to achieve their true potential'

Set of Values Firescape staff will strive to work towards: