Key Stage 3

SkillZONE is an innovative safety education centre which teaches young people how to recognise dangerous situations and stay safe. It has a fantastic life size village which provides an interactive and fun learning environment. There are 16 zones which cover realistic scenarios including road, rail and water safety, an internet cafe, as well as home and personal safety. The 'fire safety/hazards in home scenario' and road safety is always included in a tour and schools can choose another 7 topics to suit them. To learn more or book a school group visit:

Fire Safety in the Home
Lesson Plan Lesson Plan (pdf)
Activity 1 Activity_1.1 Fire Triangle Presentation (pdf)
Activity 1.1 Fire Triangle Movie (wmv)
Activity_1.2 - Fire Triangle Worksheet (pdf)
Activity_1.3 - Fire Triangle Crossword (pdf)
Activity 2 Memory Activity (A4 copy) (pdf)
Memory Activity (A3 copy) (pdf)
Activity 3 Mystery Activity - preventions in the home (pdf)
Activity 4 Your Own Advert (pdf)
Activity 4.1 Digital media Doorstep Distraction (mpg)
TV Distraction (mpg)
Activity 5 I am now able Checklist (pdf)
Fire Detection & Smoke Alarms
Lesson Plan Lesson Plan (pdf)
Activity 1 Activity 1.1 Decision Making Exercise (pdf)
Activity 1.2 Decision Making Exercise Instructions (pdf)
Activity 1.3 - Resources Decision Sheet (pdf)
Activity 1.4 - Resources Normans Academy Map (pdf)
Activity 2 Home Safety Booklet (pdf)
Calling 999
Lesson Plan Lesson Plan (pdf)
Activity 1 Starter 999 Quiz - Questions and Answers (pdf)
Activity 1 and 2 Quiz and Inappropriate 999 calls (pdf)
Activity 3 The Cost of 999 calls (pdf)
Activity 4 Code 6 BT worksheet to accompany DVD (pdf)
Activity 5 Mapping Exercise (pdf)
Fire Setting
Lesson Plan Lesson Plan (pdf)
Activity 1 Who and What am I and film links (pdf)
Activity 2 Fire Setting Movie from Teachers TV (wmv)
Jigsaw discussion cards (pdf)
Activity 3 Concertina effect (pdf)
Road Safety
Lesson Plan Lesson Plan (pdf)
Activity 1 Transport Mode Cards (pdf)
Activity 2 Route and Driven to Distraction worksheet (pdf)
Activity 3 Who's responsible scenarios (pdf)
Activity 4 Bike Safety Advert (mpg)
Activity 4 Camera Phone Advert (mpg)