This information is produced as an advisory note, for anyone dealing with the welfare of children and young people. The average age of a child dying or injured by fire is 3 years old

Children and young people start to play with fire for many different reasons, ranging from natural curiosity through to more severe behavioural problems including attention seeking and revenge. Without help and guidance fire setting behaviour can increase and lead to injuries and damage to homes, schools and other property.

Firesetter Counsellors

All of our Firesetter Counsellors are employees of Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service and are drawn from all aspects of the service. They are not professional counsellors, but training and experience have enhanced their natural skills. All of them will have completed specialist Firesetter Intervention training and are CRB checked.

Intervention Programme

This programme is aimed at children and young people who have problems associated with fire play or fire setting. The aim of the scheme is to raise the child's awareness to the dangers of fire and the likely results of their actions. The programme is closely linked with the Service's Schools Education Programme and early intervention has proved to have significant results.

Requests for help come from various sources. From parents, schools, social services, Fire service operational personnel, the police and magistrates courts and others. Where another agency, authority or other family friend or member makes first contact, the parents or those with legal responsibility will be contacted because Parental agreement and support are crucial to the success of the programme. Each session is tailored to the needs and abilities of the child concerned. This programme maintains confidentiality unless we have a legal responsibility to pass information on to other agencies, in which case we will discuss our actions with the family.

Make your home safe for children

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