False alarms

Unwanted fire alarms can cost lives!

Free advice from the Fire & Rescue Service, along with good fire alarm management, can help to ensure an effective and trouble-free automatic fire detection and alarm system

The Problem

Although statistical information shows that 90% of installed AFD systems operate in an entirely satisfactory manner and protect life and property there are still 10% that cause problems. These problems question the credibility of AFD systems and are a disruption and financial burden commerce and industry. They are also a burden to Fires Services as they reduce our availability for actual fires and are a financial liability.

For advice on how to reduce unwanted and unnecessary fire calls, please contact the Fire Safety Enforcement & Risk Team on 01452 888777 or email fire@glosfire.gov.uk

Why is it important to reduce calls to false alarms?

A false alarm or unwanted fire signal (UWFS), is defined as an alarm activation resulting from a cause other than a fire.

If an Automatic Detection & Fire Alarm System is correctly maintained, it can significantly improve safety by detecting a fire and sounding the alarm at the early stages of a fire's development. Unfortunately, this equipment can also produce unwanted or false alarms.

Impact of Unwanted Fire Signals (UWFS)

UWFS have a major impact on the Fire & Rescue Service due to:-

The impact of UWFS on the community includes:-

The causes of false alarms

False alarms occur for a number of reasons, many of which can be easily resolved. A fault with the alarm system is often not the main reason for activation.

False alarms may be caused as a result of: -

How to investigate an alarm activation safely

Having an effective investigation procedure can limit the disruption caused to your business by a false alarm.

Modern fire alarm systems are excellent at detecting a fire in the early stages. By having a strategy to investigate the cause of an activation the moment it happens, your staff can quickly identify false alarms, reset the system and return to work.

If you discover a fire or smoke as part of your investigation, do not put yourself at risk. Leave the premises quickly and safely, dial 999 and ask for the Fire & Rescue Service.

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