Changes to our Automatic Fire Alarm Policy

From 1st August 2015, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) will change its policy for responding to fire calls generated from activations of Automatic Fire Alarm (AFA) systems.

The key change to the policy is that GFRS will no longer respond to AFA activations at ANYTIME unless a 999 call is received confirming that there is a fire or physical signs of fire.

Some premises will not be affected by this change and will still receive an emergency response. These include:

Why are we making these changes?

Last year, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service attended more than 1,700 emergency calls to fire alarm activations, 98% of these were false alarms. This diverts vital emergency resources from attending real emergencies and each blue light, vehicle movement increases the risk to pedestrians, road users and firefighters. It also effects the valuable time our crews are available to complete important Community Safety work within Gloucestershire.

For more information on False Alarms please click here.

Exemptions from our Policy

GFRS will consider requests for a temporary exemption from the new policy. The premises requesting this exemption will need to put their case forward in writing explaining their need for exemption. The decision will be made by our Fire Safety Enforcement Team, following a stringent and robust review of the premises.

Any premises abusing their exempted status may have their exemption revoked.

Advice and Guidance

The person who is responsible for the fire safety management of the premises must:

Please read our FAQ pages on the left for further information.

Alternatively, the following website is very informative and has relevant content:

If you are the responsible person and wish to apply for an exemption, or have risk concerns for your premises as a result of our protocol, then please email: