About Us

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service Mission is 'Working Together for a Safer Gloucestershire'.

The Service's Mission is supported by our Mission Statement: 'Working together we will provide the highest standard of community safety and emergency response services to the communities of Gloucestershire'.

We discharge our statutory functions through our four strategic aims:

Prevention & Protection, We will work with our local communities to reduce risks to life, property and the environment from fire and other emergencies

Response & Resilience, We will respond promptly and effectively to emergencies to deal with fires and other emergencies when they occur

People, We will ensure our services are delivered by professional, well equipped, highly skilled, motivated and well developed workforce which is able to work safely and whose composition reflects the diverse community

Performance, We will monitor our performance to ensure we continually improve and deliver value for money

gfrs mission

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service also has a set of values:-

gfrs core values

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service is part of the County Council and includes other services such as Emergency Management, Trading Standards, Registrars, Coroners and the Road Safety Partnership. To succeed in meeting our future challenges and opportunities the Strategic Leadership Team also works towards achieving the Gloucestershire County Council 'Vision', set out in the current Council Strategy,' 'to use the resources available to us to improve quality of life for people in Gloucestershire'. Our planning assumptions are built on 3 clear principles which will help to steer us through the years ahead:

1. Living within our means

2. Doing the right thing

3. Helping communities to help themselves

Our Headquarters is based within the County's Tri-Service Centre in Quedgeley, Gloucester with the Police and Ambulance Services. We also have 21 community fire stations across the county.