GFRS Strategic Leadership Team

Chief Fire Officer and Operations Director - Stewart Edgar QFSM

Stewart is the Chief Fire Officer and Operations Director for Gloucestershire County Council.

He has responsibility for the Fire and Rescue Service, Road Safety Partnership, Trading Standards, Civil Protection and Registration and Coroners Services.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer - Andy Hermiston

Andy joined Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service on 2nd February 2015 from Scottish Fire & Rescue Service where he started as a firefighter in the early 90's. He was previously the Deputy Assistant Chief Fire Officer with strategic responsibility for Training and Employee Development for Scotland.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer - John Beard

John joined Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service as a firefighter in 1991. During his career he has worked in every area of the service and was promoted to Assistant Chief Fire Officer in April 2016.

Head of Community Safety - Tally Giampa

Community Safety Manager (Prevention and Protection) - Sally Waldron

Community Safety Manager (Response and Resilience) - Carl Goymer

Head of Personnel and Organisational Development - Mark Astle

Learning and Development Manager - Adam Openshaw

Head of Technical Services - Dave Pike

Research and Development Manager - Kevin Adcock

Fleet and Equipment Manager - Shane Bowen

Rob Lacey - ICT Manager

Head of Business Planning, Strategy and Performance - Clive Webber

Civil Protection Team Lead, Business Planning, Performance Manager - Carole Pittaway

Budget Manager - Maria Boon

Contracts Manager - Becky Wrightson

Projects Manager - Jon French