How we get assessed

From the top to the bottom Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service is passionate about giving the best possible service to the people of Gloucestershire, something that we believe we do, although we accept that we don't always get it right and recognise the need to learn from those things that don't go as well as we would like.

It is important that we reflect on our performance regularly, on how well we are managing both operational incidents and the day to day business of running of the service

External Assessment of Our Performance

We believe that we can accurately assess our performance ourselves but we feel it is important that from time to time an external body can look at our service from a completely objective perspective, something that is achieved through participation in the Peer Challenge process which is undertaken by the Local Government Association.

The first stage of Peer Challenge process is the development of a self-assessment, in doing so the service makes a detailed assessment of it's own performance in a number of key areas such as leadership, responding to emergency incidents and effectiveness of prevention work. A team of highly experienced assessors, primarily from fire and rescue services, is assembled by the LGA, they study the self-assessment and large volume of evidence provided with it, then visit the service for a week. During the visit, using a range of cross-referencing, evidence gathering processes the team confirm or disagree with the self- assessment.

After the visit the Challenge Team consider what they have found and report back to the Chief Fire Officer, giving an objective view on how the service is performing across those key areas and in general.

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service have recently been undergoing the Peer Challenge process which started in early 2013, the site visit took place in November 2013. The Challenge report arrived in late January 2014, click here to view the report.

Internal Assessment of Our Performance

Our internal Operational Safety Team continually gather information from around the service on how well we are performing. This includes a combination of auditing of:

The team also undertake on-going comparison of a range of performance indicators relating to topics as diverse as number of fires, numbers of home safety checks made, staff time-off due to sickness, number of disabled staff and efficient use of finance.

Managers use the information gathered to identify poor or good performance and take appropriate action to improve performance or share good practices. To give us a 'benchmark' we compare our performance with the other Fire and Rescue Services in the South West of England.